Charisma unleashed: Breaking the gender stereotypes

The enticing beauty and the intricate British Colonial architect, the capital city of Kerala never upsets its visitors. Be it a soulful article or an educative ad, people can seek inspiration from anything.

But how can a urban place as great as Thiruvananthapuram serve as an inspiration to the millions of populace out there? To your surprise, apart from the numerous denizens residing in this beautiful city, many tourists can give you an ideal purpose to grow in your life.

Among many visitors who visited this land, Parvathy Baul and Daksha Shet decided to stay in the midst of the lush greenery and make a difference in this world. They not only dedicated themselves to their dreams but also offered a lot to this community and mankind. Let’s know, how this city has been the ‘gurukul’ of these undaunted ‘gurus’.


Parvathy Baul: Aiming to Spread the Soulful Tunes of Baul

The Bengali girl named Mousami Parial from West Bengal never knew that she would be such a devotee of baul music. It was among the bauls where she found happiness and solace. The ardent music lover arrived in the beautiful city of Thiruvananthapuram and here she met her husband and her support Ravi Gopalan Nair.

parvathy baul



A living paradigm of art and culture, Parvathy Baul outshone herself every time. It was her guru, Sanatan Das Baul who insisted her to visit the land of Gods and learn about the spiritual and theatre traditions. But nothing touched her soul deeply like the baul tradition did. So in 2001, she finally decided to commit herself fully to the ecstatic music, Baul.

However, she wanted to empower the women of this decade and stand beside those women whose dreams revolve around the art (indigenous, modern and self created). The Transit Festival for women inspired her to arrange Tantidhatri festival: an International Performing Arts Festival for Women in Pondicherry and Bangalore where women from all around the world gather to showcase their talents in their interested fields. It takes place from 11th March to the 15th of March.

But that wasn’t the end of her contribution. Her school, Ekathara Kalari Gurukul which is situated at Nedumangad near Thiruvananthapuram was found back in 1997. Here, she cultivates in the art of baul music in her student. Baul Gyan Darpan is organised every year where Baul Masters comes to spread the knowledge about baul music.

ekathara kalari, trivandrum


Parvathy Baul performing @Ekathara Kalari


Daksha Sheth: A Dancing Damsel Flaunting Different Forms of Art

Daksha Sheth has made her way to the hall of fame for her extraordinary dance skills and creativity. She has become an international kathak sensation and an example for all the women out there. Along with her husband Devissarao, she has taken the Indian traditional dance Kathak to the international platform.

daksha seth

Photo : Meetesh Taneja

Thiruvananthapuram has always had Daksha’s soul. Sheth also runs Daksha Sheth Dance Company  at Natyashram, on the bank of Lake Vellyani at distance14 kilometres from Trivandrum. It also serves as the operating grounds for AARTi which provides the artists from different backgrounds to collaborate and create artistic marvels.


With her expertise in the other art forms like Kalaripayattu, Mayurbhanj Chhau and Mallakhamb, she has redefined the Indian traditional dancing by admixing it with Kathak. The undisputed contemporary dances have been presented in international stages. More than 30 different countries and 25 international festivals, her dance styles have gained international acclaims. Her dance productions take the form of these radical experiments and mesmerise the world with an eloquent creativity.


daksha seth dance company


Devissaro, husband of Daksha Seth has always played a great role in her programs since it is the music composed by Devissaro which augments the performance of Daksha and helps her to create wonders.


daksha seth dance company


Apart from being an internationally acclaimed dancer, Daksha Seth is a doting mother of two beautiful children. Isha Shevrani, the daughter of this talented mother has cemented her place in the world of showbiz with her scintillating performances in various films and she also serves as the lead dancer in the Daksha Seth’s dance group. Daksha’s son, Tao Issaro is also a well-known musician.


daksha seth & isha shervani


Daksha Seth is not just an inspiration for the Indian woman but she is an example and a testament to what a woman can achieve. She is a role model to all the women who have always been dominated by the pressure of society and demoralised from following their own path.


Daksha Sheth Dance Company Performance in Japan


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