Manaveeyam Veedhi: The cultural thoroughfare of Kerala

Art is something that erases the cultural and regional boundaries to connect people. Through art, people can come close to each other by forgetting the petty differences. It is a way to connect your soul with others and truly evolve as a human being.

With the increasing violence in the world, people are going distant from each other and the self-centeredness, ego and other negative aspects are developing rapidly and contributing to the complexities of a human mind. It is the selfless art and love for the creativeness that has kept the human kind from falling apart by keeping the pious virtues intact.


manaveeyam veedhi

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There are several places in the world where the people from different cultural background and stun everyone with their amazing artistry. But if you think that there are no such places in India then you are wrong. There are several cultural hotspots India and one of those places are in the heart of the state of Kerala. Manaveeyam Veedhi is a special street in the state which is often dubbed as the Kerala’s very own cultural thoroughfare.

Speak the Words of Art with Manayaveeyam Veedhi

Manayaveeyam Veedhi is a street that connects Althara Junction with the Museum-Vellayambalam road became a cultural hotspot almost 16 years ago on April 22, 2001. Since then the veedhi or the street has become a major centre of performing arts and cultural interaction among the people.

Every Sunday the street sheds all its usual hassles and paints itself in colour of vibrant street performances,  music, drama and various forms of art. The daily walkthrough suddenly becomes a place where people from different backgrounds connect with each other through the exchange of their art forms, cultural performances and various activities.


manaveeyam veedhi

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The spectators, as well as the performers, forget for some time who they are and where they belong and start sipping the elixir of art slowly down the lanes of their memory. For the last 16 years, one every Sunday evening the street has danced with the soulful tunes of the folk songs;


Abhinayaa Theatre group  performing folk song

has tested its emotions with the street plays and the caricature sessions; showcased its amazement with every trick of the magicians; has admired the artistry of the brilliant artists during photo or painting exhibitions and has witnessed marvellous documentaries as well as films with its eyes fixed on the screen.

The street has made a special place in the hearts of the people that is why local people, travelers, artists from different parts the country and abroad gather at this small street in the heart of Kerala to experience the electrifying performances.


Oorali Express band performing @ manaveeyam


The best part about this street is that there are no vendors or shops in the street; hence, the people and artists can fully concentrate towards the cultural performances and connect with each other without any market caricatures. The state government once tried to open food stalls on the Manaveeyam Veedhi but upon receiving stern opposition from the people, Government backed off from their decision.

This shows how important the place is to the people who come there and they can go to any length to keep it from being adulterated by the artificiality of the modern world.

Spreading Valuable Words with Open Library

A public library has also been opened on this famous street to prevent the small libraries from extinction. The books are lent to the people on every Saturday and Sunday. And on the other weekdays, newspapers are available in the library.

Nizhalattam Akshara Veedhi

Nizhalattam Akshara Veedhi, Open Library

It is a great initiative since it is rejuvenating the library culture all over again. With the advent of internet, the importance of paper bound books has lessened significantly and the small libraries are dying as a result. But with this initiative on this cultural street, the library culture of the country is getting preserved.

Several people come to this place without any greed of any sponsorship or funding, just to showcase their amazing talents and that is what made this place truly the cultural corridor for the state of Kerala. The Manaveeyam Veedhi has become a cultural hotspot that has given the opportunity to several artists in the country to showcase their talent to the people in a most amazing way.



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